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Bramalea City Centre


With Jamie’s experience with developing wayfinding systems and map illustrations for several notable GTA commercial spaces, Jamie and Somerton Creative were tasked with developing a wayfinding standard design system for Bramalea City Centre. The existing directory map artwork was only available in 2D north perspective, however the directories within the mall were positioned in east, west, and south perspectives as well — making spatially navigating the space a frustrating guest experience. Jame created a wayfinding design system that included 3D map illustrations in all 4 view orientations, an in-depth legend, and visual markers to indicate key locations in the mall, including parking decks, both food markets, and mall common spaces. A more inclusive legend was developed, called BCC at a Glance, which used colour & shape to highlight and contrast essential mall amenities, such as accessibility, restrooms, and mall services. The BCC at a Glance legend also included call out for both food markets, dinging, cafe, and entertainment options, giving more visibility to these centre experiences, encouraging guests to stay for a coffee or a meal after or before shopping. The system was designed to be expanded into other wayfinding touchpoints, such as overhead directional signage and hanging flag signage for a complete comprehensive wayfinding system.

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Bramalea City Centre


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Wayfinding Systems

Map Illustration

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