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Brooks Creative House


Brooks Creative House stands as a distinguished creative agency, steering the evolution of the OLG brand and its products since the 1980s. During a period of heightened project demands, BCH sought additional creative prowess, leading them to commission Jamie and Somerton Creative. This collaboration was aimed at bolstering BCH's capabilities in concept development and POS setup, ultimately striving for exceptional results under tight deadlines. Somerton Creative's rich background in creative development and POS design for esteemed restaurants and beverage brands made them an ideal fit for BCH's needs. Their expertise not only promised efficiency but also offered a fresh voice and an invaluable outside perspective to the team. Jamie at Somerton Creative assisted with several projects at BCH, including creative concept development for OLG’s new kiosk program, Instant Tickets powerwalls, new Triple Millions program, Loblaws and Circle K ads, and POS set-up for Gold Pursuit, Daily Grand, and Dream Draws. Somerton Creative continues to support BCH on a per project basis.

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Brooks Creative House


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Concept Development

POS Design

Print & Digital Media

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