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Cadillac Fairview


CF Sherway Gardens is one of Toronto’s largest retail shopping malls located in the suburb of Etobicoke. With Jamie’s experience with developing wayfinding systems and map illustrations for several notable GTA commercial spaces, Jamie and Somerton Creative were tasked with developing a wayfinding standard for Cadillac Fairview, launching with CF Sherway Gardens. Their immediate need for new wayfinding maps at 12 directory locations were aimed at better solving the current navigational issues and improving guest experience at this pivotal touchpoint. 3D map illustrations were developed in each orientation (north, south, east, & west view) — allowing for proper oriented POV for each specific directory location that mapped point A to point B with better clarity for the user. A more inclusive legend was developed, called CF Sherway at a Glance, which used colour & shape to highlight and contrast essential mall amenities, such as accessibility, restrooms, and mall services. The CF Sherway at a Glance legend also included call out for Gourmet Fare, dinging, cafe, and entertainment options, giving more visibility to these centre experiences, encouraging guests to stay for a coffee or a meal after or before shopping. The map illustrations also included specific architectural and landmark details that served as wayfinding markers for the user, such as artwork & statues, clocks, structures, cafe seating areas, and lounges.

Client / 

Cadillac Fairview

Directional Designs


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Wayfinding Systems

Map Illustration

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