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Choice Homecare


Choice Homecare is a leading provider of premium nurse-managed complex care in the Ottawa and surrounding region. Committed to setting the standard in compassionate, trustworthy, and patient-centric homecare solutions, the executive team partnered with Somerton Creative to reimagine their brand identity for the present and the future. Collaborating closely with the internal team, Somerton Creative conducted a thorough analysis and audit of Choice Homecare's existing brand. This process paved the way for a strategic approach to revitalize the brand, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with the insights uncovered. The brand development journey unfolded in three key stages: Defining the brand, Design elements, and Application examples. Beginning with a clear definition of the brand, a distinct identity emerged, serving as the foundation for all subsequent creative phases. Somerton Creative began with refining the existing logo, replacing a whimsical appearing “CH” icon, with a more simplified and conservative brush stroke icon and updating the wordmark typography from a previous bauhaus style font to a clean, sans-serif type face. To evoke feelings of comfort, tranquility, and homestead, watercolour motifs were delicately woven into the brand, featuring portraiture, home furnishings, and scenic paint-scapes. Additional elements such as woven patterns and authentic photography were introduced to showcase a thriving and active life at home, capturing candid family moments, and human connection. The combination of elements invite openness for storytelling and anecdotal moments within brand communications. New typefaces were selected, rooted in tradition and warmth, further enhancing the brand's identity, with fonts assigned for headlines, body, and anecdotes. The culmination of these efforts was the execution of these elements across various touchpoints, including the website, ad campaigns, social media, and e-books. Upon completion, a comprehensive brand guide was delivered to the Choice Homecare team, accompanied with a brand assets tool kit. This invaluable toolkit equips them with the guidance and resources needed to seamlessly integrate the refreshed brand into their ongoing initiatives, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence moving forward.

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Choice Homecare


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