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Comfort Kits


Comfort Kits is a startup project between 2 Toronto funeral directors, who initially set out to create an alternative to traditional tokens of condolences by developing a product that was practical, useful, and thoughtful. The Grief Support Kit was designed to include highly nutritional snacks, protein bars, meal replacement beverages, along with emotional support tools. Jamie and Somerton Creative were tasked with developing an identity that resembled the greeting of a familiar smile, the feeling of a warm hug, with a dash of surprise and delight in the alchemy. As the duo were developing product kits for cancer aftercare support and other wellness kits, the branding and packaging needed to be expandable allowing for each product to have a distinct colour while complimenting the core branding and turquoise brand colour.

Client / 

Comfort Kits


Role / 

Brand Development

Package Design

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