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Gambles Group of Companies


Gambles Group of Companies stands as Canada’s premier produce supplier, tracing its origins back to the early 1900s. The group encompasses Gambles, their renowned premium Go Fresh consumer brand, and the logistical arm, Torizon. Seeking to develop a visual communication strategy for their company vision, values, and mission initially in 2019, Somerton Creative has collaborated with Gambles over the years on particular needs of brand development, including a new product packaging strategy for Go Fresh. Somerton Creative was now tasked with doing an audit on the brand, essentially reverse-engineering the evolution of the brand over the last few years with a macro lens. Without a brand guide in existence, Gambles was finding it challenging to initiate new projects and involve 3rd party collaborators without a disconnect in direction, messaging, and a lack of visual cohesion. Our task was to distill and document this evolution, providing clear direction on the brand's essence and identity, the interplay of its elements, and a comprehensive suite of brand assets, including patterns, illustrations, shapes, textures, type faces, photography and more. The resulting Gambles Group of Companies brand guide serves as a compass for all stakeholders, from the development of digital media to print collateral, across all three distinct company entities. This guide, supplemented by tailored brand assets for each company, now serves as the bedrock for all future brand touchpoints, ensuring a unified and impactful brand presence.

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Gambles Group of Companies


Go Fresh

Torizon Logistics


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Brand Development

Brand Creative

Packaging Design

Digital Media

Print Media

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