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Great Lakes Brewery


Great Lakes Brewery stands as a fiercely independent craft brewery nestled in the heart of South Etobicoke in Toronto. Renowned for their bold and diverse lineup of craft brews, adorned with some of the most finest and memorable tall can art illustrations in the industry, there was a feeling that their canned spirit beverages needed to match the same energy. Somerton Creative reimagined a new look for their lemon vodka soda and lime gin soda cans, complete with a character mascot. Drawing inspiration from 1940s cartoon illustration, the rebellious energy of 80s hair metal, and the neon vibrancy of the 90s, the end result is nothing short of electrifying. The revamped design concept delivers a wild, fun, and vibrant aesthetic, transforming these cans into more than just beverages, but into a statement and a merchandising opportunity.

Client / 

Great Lakes Brewery


Role / 

Brand Creative

Packaging Design

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